Persistent Impunity Raises Concerns Around Iraqi Elections & Democracy

In October 2019, protests against the government spread across major cities in Iraq, including the capital, Baghdad. Young Iraqi men and women were at the forefront of these protests, also known as the “Tishreen” movement. Thousands took the streets demanding an end to government corruption and more access to basic human rights such as clean water and education.

These protests continued for several months and led to the death of hundreds of protestors. Since then, a new government has been formed, but many grievances are still left unaddressed.  In October 2021, Iraq will hold its first parliamentary elections since the 2019 protests, nearly two years since the protests began.  Through all of this emerged an organization called “End Impunity in Iraq” (EIII), a grassroots movement by Iraqis that is working to shed light on human rights violations being committed in Iraq by different parties.